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What is the fine print?

There is no fine print, hidden costs or charges to list your practice with MEND.  MEND charges a small management fee for services booked through our site to cover our administrative expenses.

Some websites charge practitioners to list their practice.  Those sites charge practitioners regardless of whether you gain a new client or not. The MEND management fee is incurred only after a service is provided to a MEND customer.  There is no risk to listing your practice with MEND because if you do not accept a client and provide a service, you will not incur any management fees.

What will I pay if I never get a referral?


I usually have a waiting list for my services so I don't need help with patient referrals. Why should I participate?

Even if your practice is already full, signing up to take on just 1-2 people per year from MEND would help fill an important need for those who truly need help.


Why are you asking for a Preferred Rate for MEND customers?

Offering a preferred rate will encourage people to explore new services that will speed their recovery, much like getting a special rate for a new business in the community encourages us to try out their business.

What address do I use if I do not offer in-person services or travel to my clients?

You can list your address as “Services offered remotely” or “In home visits offered within XX miles of XX”

How do I update my listing, including prices?

If you would like to make changes to your profile, please contact

Can I offer more than 3 services?

Our sign-up form allows practitioners to list up to 3 services.  If you would like to list more than 3 services, please send additional listing information to


How will I be paid by MEND?

When a customer books a service with you, they will receive a voucher code.  You need to ask for this voucher code at the time of service.  To get paid, input your voucher code here.

At the end of each month, MEND will issue you a check for the services you provided, less a management fee (ei; $10 for bodywork sessions or $15 for coaching/counseling sessions)

Will I get a bill from MEND?

No. All transactions are tracked by entering the customer’s voucher code after providing a service.

Isn’t the Management Fee really a Referral Fee?

No, the management fee is not a referral fee. Our management fee covers the listing of your practice on the MEND website, administrative costs and transmission of payment.

If I talk with a MEND referred customer and we decide it isn’t a good fit for my services, will I have to pay a management fee?

No, you will only be responsible for the management fee if you provide a service to a MEND customer.

Do MEND customers pay me directly?

No. You will receive payment directly from MEND.


How do I get help?

If you are a service provider and have questions, please email