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It’s like a wedding registry, but for cancer patients

Patients (or a Helper) register for recovery products, wellness services, hospital co-pay help and more.

Friends, family and colleagues can choose a gift to send or simply donate funds.

How it works


Step 1

Create a recovery registry

Create an account
Tell your story
Select products and cash funds (Or get suggestions)
Choose your privacy settings


Step 2

Share with friends + family

Share your registry on social media
Or send privately through email
Keep friends + family updated


Step 3

Get support that heals

Get notified when purchases are made
Send thank you notes to gift givers
Receive inspirational messages
Start using your new gifts to help restore health

Recovery starts here. Fill your registry with…


Find specialty items
that help you heal

Wellness Services

Restore your
body + mind

Cash Funds

Raise money for
recovery expenses

Discounts from
Brand Partners

Get support for everyday
chores and needs


Choose from products such as…

Radiation Gift Box

“I’ve Had Stitches”

Nail Recovery Gift Set

Set of Temporary Nipple Tattoos

The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen

Gift of Birds (for windows)

Cancer Recovery Meditations

Men’s Fleece Chemo Hat


Select from our wellness services…

Mend Recovery Coach Session

Wellness Service Gift Card


…or register for cash funds like:

Hospital Co-Pay Funds

Prescriptions Co-Pay Funds

Babysitting Funds

End of Treatment Celebration Trip Funds

Flight Credit Funds

Short Hair Cut Funds

Sporting Event Tickets Funds

Grocery Funds

What is a cash fund?

A cash fund is an easy way to receive financial support, without asking for money directly. By registering for a cash fund, you can raise money for different categories of recovery expenses like prescription co-pays, meal delivery or flying a loved one to visit you.

How cash funds work:

Friends, family and colleagues can donate to any fund they choose in any amount they choose. These funds get deposited in your cash fund account. You can request to withdraw the donated funds at any time. Withdrawals will be sent to you via check. (You can also use your cash funds toward purchases of products or services on the Mend After site.)


Browse discounts from brand partners…

Online Gentle Exercise Programs

Delicious Meal Kits

Organic Grocery Delivery At Wholesale Prices

Did you know:

Cancer is Expensive
The average patient incurs $16,200
in out-of-pocket expenses annually.

That’s over half of what the
average U.S. citizen makes.

People Want to Help
of friends and family report they would gladly give to a Recovery Registry.

Create a Recovery Registry for yourself or someone you love today.

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