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Gift of Birds (for windows)



Offers comforting distraction
Introduces the healing power of nature

Why We Love It

A perfect gift. For some of us, illness can mean too much time spent looking at the same surroundings. This duo is an easy and beautiful way to change the scenery while recovering!

Insider tip: Don’t forget to visit your loved one regularly and refill the seed.

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  • Works perfectly if you live in an apartment building, nursing facility or have a bedroom on the 2nd floor.
  • Easy to install, this bird feeder effortlessly suctions onto any window attracting all kinds of birds for a close-up view. We have even included birdseed designed to attract a wide variety of small wild birds. The 2-lb bag will ensure a steady stream of feathered visitors.
  • Bird Window Feeder (6.5″ D X 8″ W 8″ H)
  • Wild Bird Seed (2 lb)
  • Bird Window Feeder attracts all kinds of birds, sticks to glass surfaces & holds oranges, seed & jelly, easy to fill & clean. All seed eating birds are attracted.
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