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Set of Temporary Nipple Tattoos



Allows patients to experiment
Reduces uncertainty about nipple reconstruction

Why We Love It

We tested numerous temporary nipple tattoos to find the most realistic options and these were our favorite. After women undergo reconstruction after a mastectomy, we have the option of nipple reconstruction as well. Temporary tattoos can help us decide what we want our new nipples to look like before the surgery or permanent tattooing takes place. For those who choose not to reconstruct nipples, these temporary tattoos can be used on a daily basis to help feel whole again.

“I never dreamed that testing temporary nipple tattoo brands would be one of my responsibilities at Mend After. Smile. Actually, I was glad to be part of this process. I haven’t undergone nipple reconstruction and I was surprised at the variety of options—and how oddly healing it can be to have the illusion of nipples again.”

Lisa Lefebvre, Mend After Founder/Patient

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  • Set includes 3 different varieties: light, medium, and dark shades
  • Quantity: 9 pairs of temporary tattoos
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Made in USA
  • Designed by cancer patients for cancer patients
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