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Tablet Radiation Shield

$59 - $95


Shields body from EMF radiation
Reduces discomfort from EMF damage

why we love it

Many cancer patients use their tablets in bed during recovery. This universal tablet radiation shield blocks harmful EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation that can cause aches and pains, headaches, tingling and burning sensations, sleep disturbances and cognitive impairment. This is a great gift for yourself or a loved one—especially after harsh radiation treatment which can lead to electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

Insider tip: We strongly recommend this product for families with children.

“It took me almost a year to conceive and launch Mend After. During that time, I worked 12+ hour days with my laptop literally in my lap. I was surprised that over time my abdomen area became extremely painful when my laptop was near me from EMF damage. I did some research in tech forums and discovered many recommendations for this product. After I started using this laptop shield, my pain started to subside. My lap pain was a big wake up call for me to the harmful effects of EMF.”

Lisa Lefebvre, Mend After Founder/Patient



  • Blocks up to virtually 100% of harmful tablet EMF radiation while providing stylish protection for your tablet
  • Hand-crafted using the highest quality materials
  • Comfortable and ultra-portable
  • Tested by FCC certified labs
  • Made in USA

Large Case

  • Weight (lbs): 1
  • Dimensions (in): 12 x 9 x 1
  • Compatible with most 11″-13″ tablet computers including iPad Pro, Nexus, Galaxy Tab 9.7

Medium Case

  • Weight (lbs): .85
  • Dimensions (in): 10 x 7 x 1
  • Compatible with most 9″-10″ tablet computers including iPad, Nexus, Galaxy Tab 9.7

Small Case

  • Weight (lbs): .5
  • Dimensions (in): 8.5 x 6.24 x .5
  • Compatible with most 7″-8″ tablet computers including iPad mini, Nexus, and Galaxy Tab 7-8
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