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Mend Recovery Coach Session



Provides access to trained recovery experts
Offers evidence-based recovery tips and tricks
Helps demystify what to do first
Fast tracks physical and emotional healing

Why We Love It

There’s no doctor for recovery but it’s often the hardest part. Our trained, certified Recovery Coaches help you prioritize your health and wellness needs and recommend what to do next. Talking to a Mend Recovery Coach creates a safe place to ask tough questions and receive guidance that will help you heal more quickly.

See below for the range of issues that can be covered in your coaching session.

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About the Session

About the Session

The session includes 60 minutes of 1:1 discussion via phone or video conference. Your coaching session can include:

  • How to address symptoms related to surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone-suppression therapy
  • Coaching on how to detoxify your body after harsh treatments
  • Guidance on how to regain energy, strength and stamina
  • Understanding sources of pain, anxiety and depression
  • Movement, nutrition and supplement programs that can help support wellness

You will receive instructions on how to book your session via email after purchase.

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