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Chemo Meditation



Supports chemo-related challenges
Alleviates anxiety and promotes calm

Why We Love It

Distributed by Dana Farber and Johns Hopkins, this guided meditation CD for chemo is designed to naturally and holistically help reduce the side effects of chemo including nausea, vomiting, mouth sores, low blood counts and fatigue while offering a counter-balance to fear, depression and anxiety.

Choose narration by Belleruth Naparstek or Dr. Emmett Miller:

  • Belleruth Naparstek AM, ACSW: A clinical social worker, author, and creator of a large library of guided imagery programs that target specific health and mental health challenges. She is known for introducing guided meditation to mainstream health systems and co-founded Health Journeys with George Klein in 1991
  • Emmet Miller, MD: A leading guided imagery pioneer and virtuoso practitioner for 30 years, is known for his masterful meditations that inspire a deep receptivity to healing mind, body, and spirit. His powerful, soothing voice and brilliant, evocative imagery are held to be a gold standard in the mind-body field.


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  • Guided meditation is accessible and user-friendly
  • Alleviates distress and assists with medical and mental health challenges
  • Made to the highest standards by experts in the mind-body field
  • Supported by science, written by experts, scored by award-winning composers
  • Made in USA
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