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E-Cigarette Alternative (3 pack)



All-natural vape with vitamins + essential oils
Effective smoking cessation tool

Why We Love It

“I’m a strong believer that society should stop shaming smokers.  Virtually everyone knows that smoking is bad for us, but we do it anyway.  If people could quit, they would already.  This product is a creative alternative to cigarettes and nicotine-based vaporizers.  If Mend can help just one person reduce their intake of tar, nicotine and other damaging chemicals, I will consider us a success!”

This e-cigarette alternative features organic vitamins and essential oils instead of nicotine and other toxins.  When inhaled, it creates a warm and pure water vapor (like steam in a hot shower) infused with vitamins and essential oils.  It’s a healthy and affordable alternative to smoking and vaping.

This pack features 3 diffuser sticks: Sleep (Lavender), Calm (Vanilla) and Energize (Orange)

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  • Made with USDA-certified edible food grade ingredients
  • Free from chemicals, synthetics, sugars, and calories
  • Vegan, Gluten Free, Non-GMO and Kosher
  • Featured on The Doctors TV Show, Men’s Health, Good House Keeping, CNBC
  • Made in USA