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Disposable Post-Op Bras ‘EZbra’

$155 - $295


Easier to manage than hospital dressings
Stops drains from painfully pulling on incisions

Why We Love It

Patients typically need to change dressings once a day for up to 14 days after breast surgery. Standard hospital dressings are challenging to manage, especially if you live alone.  Which is why we were so happy when we discovered this innovative dressing that acts as a disposable post-op bra.

This post-op bra is amazingly easy to use, eliminating the need for help from someone else — which can reduce the number of clinic follow up visits.  The thoughtful design means you can adjust the amount of compression and the bra’s position on your drain sites.

This means no more painful pulling from unsecured drains, and no more raw skin from constantly applying and removing adhesive bandages.  Like all hospital dressings, these post-op bras are sterile, breathable and absorbent.

Our ‘EZbra’ post-op bras fit a wide variety of breast shapes and conditions—including breast asymmetry.

Makes an excellent, thoughtful gift.


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  • Quantity: Choose from a 5 or 10 pack (Patients typically change dressings once a day for up to 7-14 days after breast surgery)
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Not made with natural rubber latex and adhesives
  • We recommend watching this tutorial before applying
  • Designed by cancer patients for cancer patients
  • Size chart: down the side – cup size, across the top – chest measurement