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Advanced Wound Care Dressing



Helps heal wounds fast
Hydrates and minimizes scarring

Why We Love It

We researched the best in cancer recovery management and these dressings were mentioned repeatedly on cancer message boards and chat rooms for their efficacy, long lasting properties and healing benefits. This smart would dressing is super absorbent and self-regulating by simultaneously creating a sustainable and reliable moist healing wound environment critical for fast healing.

With 25-50% higher absorption than any other dressing on the market, these can be left on longer while the wound becomes clean and stays clean. The best part is, this smart wound dressing is non-adherent, so removal is painless.

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  • This smart dressing does all of the following: senses the underlying tissue’s physical conditions, adapts its local function to provide optimal treatment for all different wound zones simultaneously, effectively evacuates disintegrated non-viable tissues from the wound
  • 10 dressings/box
  • Size: 4″ x 4″
  • Made in USA
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