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Recovery Coach
Help yourself or a loved one with 1:1 support
Available over phone or video conference

Keesha Ewers, ARNP, PhD
Mend Recovery Coach Director

“I thought healing from cancer meant getting my energy back (and my hair). I didn’t realize it affected so many sides of life, and that recovery could be so complex.” Lisa Lefebvre, Founder/Patient
This is the place to ask your toughest questions and share your most personal challenges. A MEND Recovery Coach can help you prioritize your health and wellness needs and recommend what to do next.

Your certified Recovery Coach will guide you with holistic, evidence-based information on healing behaviors, resources, products and therapies. You also will receive personalized food recommendations, exercise plans, stress-reducing techniques and emotional healing tools.


Work with your coach on any/all of the following:

  1. Protocols for special challenges related to surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone-suppression therapy
  2. Education on how to manage common symptoms
  3. Coaching on how to detoxify your body after harsh treatments
  4. Guidance on how to regain energy, strength and stamina
  5. Understanding sources of pain, anxiety and depression
  6. Techniques to reclaim intimacy, improve sexual function and re-connect with a loved one after difficult changes to your tissues and/or biochemistry
  7. Support for fast-tracking hair/skin/nail health improvement
  8. Nutrition and supplement regiments that can help get rid of unwanted weight gain
  9. Suggestions on how to address numbness, neuropathy or the painful effects of lymphedema
  10. Evidence-based advice on gently transitioning from surgical, chemical or natural menopause

All MEND Recovery Coaches have earned a certification from the Academy of Integrative Medicine. This program includes a minimum of 6 months of instruction and 200 hours of ongoing supervised clinical training.
MEND Recovery Coaches are certified and have the skills to provide you with extensive, holistic support as you navigate the after effects of surgeries and treatment protocols.

It’s important to note that while some MEND Recovery Coaches may be licensed medical professionals — including MDs and Nurse Practitioners – our Recovery Coaches do not have the authority nor claim to be able to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This is the role of your primary care doctor or nurse practitioner.