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“I used to think cancer recovery meant getting my energy back.  I’ve since learned that cancer can affect so many sides of life.”  Lisa Lefebvre, Founder/Patient



Feelings of fear, anger, guilt, anxiety or depression might become overwhelming.



Treatments can deplete important nutrients that need to be replenished. Our bodies may need extra energy to heal damaged cells. We may need to change unhealthy eating habits.


body structure

Protocols may change our physicals structures in unpleasant ways. We may feel pain from tissue damage or manipulation.




Areas in our home may become subliminally associated with illness. We may need to remove toxic materials from our home and lifestyles.

Cancer can present new challenges we may not expect.



The costs of cancer treatments can deplete savings. We may lose income from our illness. Recovery can be expensive.



Many of us face a crisis of meaning, purpose or identity. Having to face a foreshortened future can be devastating. Our illness can affect our relationship with God.



We may lose our passion for projects and activities we used to enjoy. We may be unable to participate in hobbies that gave us pleasure. It can be easy to forget about life outside of cancer.



Cancer can cause us to isolate ourselves. Changes to our sexuality can challenge romantic relationships. Relationships with family or friends can become strained because of our illness.

For some, recovery may be a quick rebound. For others, it isn’t fast or easy. You may not have much energy and your challenge may feel overwhelming. Don’t be discouraged if your recovery takes time. It’s ok. Small steps will add up. And we’ll help you teach others how they can help. Our Recovery Registry offers an easy way to give and receive support when its needed most. Learn more here. 

To learn how you can strengthen each dimension, continue reading our list of 10 important things you can do right now to speed your recovery here

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