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What to Give Women After Stitches

Thoughtful and useful gifts for surgery patients to have on hand before and after surgery

Your friend or loved one is undergoing surgery. You want to help, but don’t know how. Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered!

Here are our top 9 gift ideas for surgery patients:

  1. Help your friend minimize pain and soften new scars with our restorative Breast Surgery Gift Box ($55).
  2. Set your loved one up for success after major surgery with this Mastectomy Gift Set of specially curated post-op must-haves ($179).
  3. This hand-crafted Post-Surgery Seatbelt Cushion minimizes pressure on tender surgical areas while driving ($39).
  4. Gift this luxurious and Extra-Soft Multi-Functional Robe that has a removable belt to keep surgery drains in place ($79).
  5. Showering after surgery isn’t always easy. Help a patient keep hair fresh with this all-natural Refreshing Dry Shampoo ($35).
  6. Help your loved one repair her body with our Daily Multi and “I’ve Had Stitches” nutritional supplements ($45 and $49).
  7. A Set of Temporary Nipple Tattoos can help your friend get in touch with their feminine side and decide if they want nipple reconstruction ($35).
  8. Help your friend speed recovery with this award-winning Surgery Meditation Gift Set ($49).
  9. Present your loved one with a Mend After Gift Card and give them the flexibility to choose their own recovery tools.

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Tina Jensen curates Mend After Cancer’s product selection.
Lisa Lefebvre is the Founder of Mend After Cancer. She has experience recovering from 8 cancer-related surgeries, chemotherapy treatments, radiation protocols and hormone suppression therapy.

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