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What to Give Patients Going Through Radiation

Thoughtful gifts for radiation patients undergoing treatment

Radiation therapy can create an onslaught of uncomfortable symptoms like burned, sensitive skin, aches and pains, and severe fatigue. Here are our top 18 gift ideas to help ease the side effects during and after radiation:


Gentle Burn Recovery Spray


Soothes burned or sensitive skin
Helps heal damaged skin
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Give instant relief with this gentle Radiation Burn Spray for skin too painful to touch

Reduce anxiety and encourage healing during and after treatments with this Radiation Meditation


Radiation Burn Cream


Soothes radiation burns
Help minimize scar tissue
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Soothe irritated skin with this cooling Radiation Burn Cream that also helps with scarring


Post-Surgery Seatbelt Cushion


Provides comfort when driving
Protects sensitive areas
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This Post-Surgery Seatbelt Cushion is also comforting to radiated skin while in the car

Conditioning Butter


Nourishes and heals
Prevents common allergic reactions


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Soothe sensitive skin with this deeply hydrating and organic Conditioning Butter


Pain And Bruising Relief Cream


Encourages blood flow
Helps relieve muscle, joint and bone pain
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Relieve aches and pains to post-treatment skin with this Pain And Bruising Relief Cream


Radiation Gift Box


Soothes and heals skin
Provides recovery advice
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This Radiation Gift Box will guide your loved one through treatment and beyond with expertly crafted products and inspiring recovery tips


Scar Healing Tamanu Oil


Reduces scarring
Helps skin heal 
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Our Scar Healing Tamanu Oil is 100% natural and can help burns and scars heal more quickly

“I’ve Been Zapped!”

$59 - $169

Supports liver detoxification*
Boosts energy production*
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Support detoxification and regain energy with our nutritional supplement “I’ve Been Zapped”

Anti-Nausea Sampler


Reduces Nausea
Eases dry mouth
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Our Anti-Nausea Sampler can help ease side effects associated with abdominal radiation therapy

This organic symptom management Aromatherapy Starter Kit can help ease mental and physical stressors caused by treatments


Fatigue Meditation


Helps ease cancer-related fatigue
Alleviates anxiety and promotes calm
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Reduce fatigue with this mindful Fatigue Meditation CD

‘P.S. I Love You’ Gift Box


Nourishes and hydrates
Promotes self care
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Remind a loved one just how much you care with this delightfully lovely ‘P.S. I Love You’ Gift Box


4 Bar Chocolate Gift Set


Boosts mood naturally
Alternative to high sugar treats
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Ease the radiation journey with this organic and antioxidant-rich 4 Bar Chocolate Gift Set 

Extra-soft on tender and sensitive post-treatment skin, this best-selling Versatile shawl is lovely gift for someone because it is one size fits most

Melt away stress and body aches with our Wellness Aromatherapy Bath Salts


Gift Card

$25 - $500

Helps loved ones heal
Gives flexibility of choice

Let your friend choose from over 500 recovery tools with our Mend After Gift Card

Here are more ideas on what to give a loved one during their cancer journey:

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