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Gift Ideas for Any Patient at Any Time

These gifts for cancer patients are appropriate for anyone—regardless of what they are ‘mending after’…


Swap out that bouquet for practical gifts that help speed recovery. Here are our suggestions:

  1. This ‘Heal and Grow’ Gift Box will brighten any space with an easy-to-care-for air plant paired with a stylish brass mister and symbolic ceramic elephant planter ($55).
  2. Treat a friend to our Highest Quality Essential Oils to uplift and reduce stress—they deserve it! ($45).
  3. Remind a loved one just how much you care with our ‘P.S. I Love You’ Gift Box ($69).
  4. Help your loved one maintain health and wellness with our Daily Multi nutritional supplement ($45).
  5. Encourage your loved one to eat clean and healthy with delicious, nourishing and award-winning recipes from The Cancer Fighting Kitchen ($35).
  6. This Stanford University Stress and Breath Activity Tracker reminds us to breathe, move, and tracks stressors ($129).
  7. Make quick work of enjoying healthy teas with this beautiful glass Fast Boiling Electric Kettle ($99).
  8. Our Deluxe Heirloom Bean Gift Box is bursting with delicious new varieties and was featured in The New Yorker ($65).
  9. Give your friend the flexibility to choose their recovery tools with our Mend After Gift Card.

Here’s more ideas on what to give a loved one during their cancer journey:

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Tina Jensen curates Mend After Cancer’s product selection.
Lisa Lefebvre is the Founder of Mend After Cancer. She has experience recovering from 8 cancer-related surgeries, chemotherapy treatments, radiation protocols and hormone suppression therapy.

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