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Patients feel overwhelmed.
Friends, family and colleagues feel helpless.

My Story. I’ve been through 7 cancer-related recoveries and learned that going through treatments is hard, but recovering is often harder. After treatments I was still sick, suddenly alone, and had no resources for how to heal as doctor’s appointments wound down and friends and family went back to their busy lives.
Lisa Lefebvre, Founder/Patient

Your Story. Like many, I’ve also been a friend, family member and colleague of cancer patients. I felt helpless watching other people suffer and either sent flowers (which didn’t feel helpful) or simply didn’t know what to do.

Everyone’s Story. There are 14.5 million cancer survivors in the U.S. Over 40% of Americans will get cancer in their lives and 93% of us know someone diagnosed with cancer.

Finding beauty in regeneration.



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P.S. I Love You Gift Box

why we love it:

Hearing “I love you” never goes out of style.

This gift arrives in a keepsake gift box with hand-tied ribbon and includes:

P.S. I Love You premium keepsake candle

Par Avion Peachy Oolong Tea

Heart-shaped, double-walled glass tea mug

Rose gold heart tea infuser

damaged hair

Hair Regrowth Gift Set

why we love it:

This is an extra-special and effective triple-hit regimen that can be used on bald heads or thinning hair.

Set Includes:

An invigorating cleanser that encourages new growth and/or stems off further hair loss

An all over scalp treatment to nourish as well as stimulate hair growth

A soothing leave-in gel that deeply penetrates and soothes sensitive scalps while also encouraging hair growth.

Recovery is a time to minimize toxins in our body, not add to them. While most haircare products are loaded with chemicals that are damaging to our bodies and the environment, this organic hair care line is made from all-natural products with low-key, wonderful scents.

skin care

Men’s Charcoal Detox Gift Box

why we love it:

Some of the hardest people to shop for are the men in our lives, but we have made it simple with this beautiful yet masculine gift.

This gift arrives in a keepsake gift box with hand-tied ribbon and includes:

Fulton & Roark shaving cream: Rated #1 product for men by GQ Magazine

GRIT organic charcoal body wash

Black Hatchet charcoal soap

Organic cotton fair-trade wash cloth/towel